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About Us







Meet the Engineers:

Ryan Wiley


Allyson Plein


Geoff Wood





Ryan is owner, president, social secretary and lead audio engineer at ADS Recording. He has been in the production world for more than 35 years, starting out as a radio DJ. When he found out DJs had to work weekends and holidays, he said, "bag THAT!". He's very knowledgeable and ensures that every project that leaves our doors is top notch. It's a pride thing.

The newest member of ADS Recording always seems to have her finger on the pulse of everything that's going on in the studio. Besides daily engineering duties, Allyson's incredibly organized and detail-oriented, ensuring all our sessions are ready to run!

Geoff has been with ADS Recording for 5 years now. He has an incredible ear for mixing (hearing things normal humans cannot) and is often learning new tricks about how to do things better. Additionally, he's our resident expert on things outside of the recording world such as current events and hot sauce.