When it comes to doing Foley sound effects, we're "all ears" (Get it? Because corn?). Sometimes when our effects library just doesn't have the right sound, we get to record our own. Just like we did in this video. Here you will see us creating these farm-fresh sounds and even get a short preview of how it all sounds when it's mixed in (minus the VO and final music). All to make this commercial sound "a-maize-ing." Okay, no more puns, here's the video and more details below:

Throughout this process we discovered, in spite of using the real product, sometimes the sound of shucking corn, doesn't actually sound like corn being shucked. During one of our early takes, we found that grabbing a handful of leaves and pulling them backed created a very squeaky rubbery sound. After some experimenting, we found that pulling just one leaf or even squeezing the loose leaves in our hand yielded a much more gentle and natural sound that you would expect to hear. Suffice it to say that sometimes the actual sound of the action on screen isn't always the best fit for your video.

In terms of mixing -- this was for a commercial, so these sounds will act as added texture underneath voice over and music. The goal here is to be subtle enough to not compete with the message of the spot, but to add a nice layer to the picture that really brings it to life.